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Address:No.20,28 building Huahai Market,Huaiyuan,Bengbu,Anhui,P.R.China.
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20,28 Building Huahai Market,Bengbu city,Anhui province,P.R.China. P.C:233000

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TonyoungExtracts History
Date:2017Year 11month 2day Browse[1274]

TonyoungEXTRACTS - A FAMILY STORY OF GARLIC OIL Mr.JiMei He founded Bengbu Tonyoung Garlic Oil factory in 1988. Originally run as a Garlic Oil(water steam distillation) manufacturer, developed into an industrial operation specialising in Essential Oils for Flavors&Fragrances industry. Hongfei He took over the reins of the company in 2002,the 2nd generation of the He family to run TonyoungExtracts . The business gradually expanded to include basic materials and emulsions, and the distribution network grew to include partners and TonyoungExtracts offices all over the world. This continuous development process repeatedly brought about technological upgrades and comprehensive expansion of the broadest range of Research & Development departments. The company was renamed TonyoungExtracts in 2010. At the same time subsidiary sales companies(Bengbu Tonyoung Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd.) were also established to bring the parent company closer to its customers. Since 2013, the company has been led by Jason He(JiaXiang He), the 3rd generation of the He family to run TonyoungExtracts with great passion and innovative ideas. TonyoungEXTRACTS has always been a company that is growing and developing continuously in terms of both technology and innovation. The primary key to this fantastic development is the professionalism and commitment of the company’s wonderful employees. This family-run mid-sized company is dedicated to staying one step ahead of the trends and growing to become one of the most important players on the market. In November 2017 TonyoungEXTRACTS has awarded the ISO 9001 certification which enables us to focus specifically on our customers’ different needs around the world.
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Address:No.20,28 Building Huahai Market,Bengbu,Anhui,P.R.China.